Rajkamal Arts Gallery - A Profile

KAKAIATI CHINNAPPA popularly known as K.Chinnappa in film industry. Father an Agriculturist, K.Chinnappa since from his childhood days i.e. from the age of five itself been much attached to art and started holding the painting stick and using available paint was drawing the live picture of whatever is seen by him or comes to his mind to be drawn. At the tender of age 9,where children will go for schooling and take up studies, K.Chinnappa never turned up for schooling instead he took up an another route i.e. his interest was towards art and painting and his dragged him like a magnetic force to film industry. As is known to all that those were the days where cinema industry was in the dubbing stage and all the cinematic activities were concentrated only in Madras, formerly known as Southern Capital for film industry.

At the age of 9years,entered into SEENU ARTS and the Guru was Shri Seenu who was very much impressed of a small boy evincing so much interest and also identifying his born artistic behavior taught him in a systematic manner, here started his deep interest in learning painting,and are kicked off his career in the film industry. As an independent artist and painter the very first assignment was "BEDAR KANNAPPA" as assistant, the lead role was played by Dr.Rajkumar who is the kannada film Doyen and this film gave him a face lift.

Right from BENDARA KANNAPPA movies, so for he has completed more that movies, and all these movies cutouts, banners, painting, art is done from the school of Sri. K. Chinnappa. This achievement in Kannada Film Industry and lit to obtain entry in the Limaca Book and also in Guinness book of World Records. However, he never chose to get accolodates from the people or from any particular film, all he wanted to do is to spread his art and painting not only in Karnataka state but also in other State and as far as possible to the various countries in the world. This desire of his is getting fulfilled slowly but steadily, in an art exhibition where 18 paintings were exhibited in Chitrakala Parishath, Kumarakrupa, Bangalore,1.5 paintings were purched by wesrtern countries with no time and out of this one painting was purchased Shri Pramod Naraynn, I.B.M, New York City, U.S.A. some of the paintings are now in Sydney, Australia in Hotel Kolam.

Former Test Cricketer of West Indies Larry Comes during his visit to India for playing test cricket was very much impressed with the paintings and bought one for himself and paintings is kept by him as an art of India in his drawing room. An Exhibition was conducted in Chowdaiah Memorial Hall, Bangalore and in this exhibition only 6 paintings were in exhibition, all these 6 paintings were purchased by a businessman Shri.Rughtmanth Sait, who is one of the biggest diamond jeweler in Mangalore, Karanataka State..

Adding feather to crow, after receiving 70 shields from cinema industry for his work, he has been awarded by the Government of India for his outstanding depicting of art and painting "Indira Priyadarshine Award", this award was handed over to him by the Chairman of Indira Priyadarshine Institution. There are more than 22 awards which have been bestowed on him for his artistic service by various organizations and institution.

Sri. K.Chinnappa has been interviewed a number of times and amongst those popular T.V channels are Udaya T.V Chanda(Kannada TN. Channel of Bangalore Doordharshan),Zee T.V. N.D.TN., Times now and other channels. Shri. K.Chinnappa a veteran as already stated above never kept his artistic skills and known how within himself and never thought of making his skill to die with himself, instead, in an unpartisan manner and being very liberal have encourage each and every person irrespective of cast, religion and Community and have taught hundreds of peoples to become very good artists and in painting gain name and fame. It may not be an exaggeration to state here that there more that 90% of the artists in Bangalore City are all who have been groomed and brought up by him, and till today the utterances of these persons speak about his great desire, ambition, services in the field of Art and painting.

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