Canvas Painting

Canvas painting takes extreme measures to ensure that none of the texture of the canvas came through. This required a painstaking, months-long process of layering the raw canvas with (usually) lead-white paint, then polishing the surface, and then repeating. The final product had little resemblance to fabric, but instead had a glossy, enamel-like finish. This flat surface was crucial in attaining photographic realism.

With a properly prepared canvas, the painter will find that each subsequent layer of color glides on in a buttery manner, and that with the proper consistency of application, a painting entirely devoid of brushstrokes can be achieved. A warm iron is applied over a piece of wet cotton to flatten the wrinkles.

Canvas painting can also be printed on using offset or specialist digital printers to create canvas prints. After printing, the canvas can be wrapped around a stretcher and displayed.

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